Foot ritual offered before your massage!


At Mor Thai, we invite you to immerse yourself in a wonderful multi-sensory universe through a variety of exceptional massages. Each massage begins with a welcome ceremony where the therapist makes her first contact with you by listening  carefully to your body.
During this ritual, your feet are immersed in a soothing bath with lukewarm water and coarse sea salt where the flowers sway smoothly.
This relaxing pause allows you to make a break from the pressures of daily life and to enjoy a delightful moment of intense release.The combination of lukewarm water and coarse sea salt ensures the perfect cleansing of your feet, stimulating blood circulation, decreasing muscle and nervous tension simultaneously.

Thai Traditional Massage(without oil)


Dating back over more than 2,500 years, traditional Thai massage has its origins in India, Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga. Holistic, ancestral and energetic, the traditional Thai massage is a source of serenity and inner peace.Wearing a kimono, the massage is practiced on a futon.Massaged from head to toe, the therapist alternates sequences of deep pressure and stretching on different points and energy lines,thus releasing accumulated tension in your body.The strength of the pressure will be at your preference for  absolute relaxation …More details

From : 50(500 MAD)

Thai Massage with Organic Aromatic Oils


Our Thai massage with organic aromatic oils involves direct contact with your skin. The therapist alternates fluid movements, deep pressures which stimulate your body’s energy lines and points with gentle tapping and smooth muscle stretching.

The oils used during the massage nourish, hydrate and tone  your skin  leaving  a smooth and relaxing therapeutic effect. Our selection of oil differs depending on the season. To give you perfect comfort, hot oils are used during the cold season and normal oils are used in summer…More details

From : 530 (530 MAD)

Signature Massage - Therapeutic Thai Massage (with organic oils and Thai pain-relief balm)


For a unique sensory experience, we have created our Signature Massage. This Thai therapeutic treatment is practised with essential oils and homemade pain relief  balm made from medicinal plants from Thailand.

In this magical and therapeutic ritual, we invite you to experience a variety of aromatic and emotional sensation.From head to toe, the therapist will identify areas of tension, focussing on releasing them. She will also practice fluid and harmonious moves,helping you disconnect both physically and mentally…More details

From : 58 (580 MAD)

Anti-Stress Relaxing Massage


During the anti-stress relaxing massage, the therapist’s movements, music and aromas are harmoniously combined to offer a luxurious relaxation in a cloud of sensory natural oils! This massage combines celestial happiness, deep muscle relaxation, magical aromatherapy  and nourishing skin care.It is a gentle and relaxing massage creating a complete harmony of  body and mind…More details

From : 50 (500 MAD)

Traditional Thai Massage with herbal pads


The traditional Thai massage with hot herbal pads is an ancient therapy from Thailand. The miraculous pads contain a collection of Thai traditional herbs.

Heated with steam and applied to the body, the medicinal herbs release their active ingredients and beneficial aromas. The combined effect of heat with the natural benefits of  the herbs relieves your body’s pain significantly, removes muscular tensions and improves blood circulation…More details

From : 90 (900 MAD)

Soon to be MUM Massage (with organic oils)

massage femme enceinte

During pregnancy, you look forward to experience the joy of being a MUM. But the pain and discomfort worries you. Our pregnancy massage will help you minimize these feelings during this time, relieving back,ankle and leg tension.

For this massage, we use natural, odourless and hypoallergenic oils to saturate your skin with nutrients, alleviating the appearance of stretch marks…More details

From : 550 (550 MAD)

New MUM Massage(with organic coconut oil and herbal pads)

Massage Post Accouchement

At Mor Thai, we understand that health of the MUM and BABY are closely linked.As in Thailand, we offer this relaxing and revitalizing ritual, which helps their psychological state, soothing, harmonizing and relaxing the body.The treatments carefully selected by our expert thai therapists, will help new mothers  strengthen and regain their health after childbirth. This soothing programme helps nursing mothers to cope better with fatigue, lack of sleep,reduce stretch marks and help prevent post-natal depression…More details

From : 90 (900 MAD)

Slimming Massage (with Organic Lemon and Cedar Oils)


At Mor Thai Marrakech, not only can you immerse yourself  in an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure, you can also benefit from a corrective massage to maintain an ideal body shape and a sculpted, smooth silhouette. Furthermore, with the therapist’s deep palpating, rolling  movement,together with a mixture of  natural oils will help to drain fat, stimulate lymphatic circulation,eliminate toxins, improve skin elasticity and reduce cellulite significantly.

At the end of this treatment you will feel an incredible sensation of lightness and a pleasant relaxationMore details

Price : 35 (350 MAD)

Sports massage


After a sports session, a long walk or intense physical effort, muscle pain is inevitable. Mor Thai Marrakech offers you a magical ritual which can help rejuvenate your muscles. This massage is practiced by working the muscles deeply, it quickly restores muscle performance, relieve pain and significantly increase your physical endurance.
This treatment is relaxing, energizing and detoxyfying. The effects of this massage can be beneficial before, during or after a competition to prepare the muscles, to prevent injuries, to reduce muscular tension and relax your body to recover more quickly…More details

From : 55 (550 MAD)

Thai Four Hands Massage


Pamper yourself and get the most out of the Thai massage experience by choosing the Four-hands massage. Two expert therapists, trained and experienced in performing this massage, carry out perfectly synchronized movements with identical pressure.
A magical multi-sensory massage combining the properties of essential oils,relaxing  music and the deep harmonized movements, take you on a journey of absolute serenity and ultimate freedom….More details

From : 90 (900 MAD)

Foot Reflexology


Inspired by an ancestral therapy originating from oriental medicine, foot reflexology involves stimulating reflex zones on the soles of the feet, which correspond to the main organs of the body. With an extremely careful touch, our therapist locates the areas of tension and helps to restore balance to the corresponding area of body.
This magical technique helps to release stress, eliminates nervous tension and improve blood circulation, providing you with  complete relaxation of body and mind…More details

From : 30 (300 MAD)

Head Massage


At Mor Thai, we offer you the ideal head massage. Our aim is to provide you with the much-needed break with intense pleasure you deserve. Our therapist’s expert hands perform a set of smooth and harmonious moves to the head to give you a feeling of deep, inner  relaxation.
Beyond its effectiveness for people who suffer from migraine or headaches, this massage guarantees good blood stimulation, helping release accumulated tension and providing therapeutic pain relief…More details

From : 30 (300 MAD)

Back and shoulder massage

Massage du dos et de l’épaule

Because of our accelerated lifestyle, the back becomes knotted and the shoulders become heavy. We suggest you experience an ultimate unrivalled moment with our specialist Back and Shoulder massage, relieving accumulated tension along the vertebral axis.
An extremely relaxing massage to remove Back and Shoulder pain, specially relieving the discomfort experienced by those often sitting at desk, thus boosting the body’s energy…More details

From :30 (300 MAD)

Special kids Massage


At Mor Thai, we never stop thinking about the well-being of each of our guests, even the youngest ones! This is why we have created a massage specially dedicated for kids until 12 years old. The benefits of this massage are countless, ideal to help children overcome the difficulties they may face.This can be especially helpful during stressful and tense exam periods, offering them moments of relaxation and well-being in a Zen and wonderful environment.
The pressure of the therapist’s hands are adjusted, the aromatic oils adapted perfectly to their taste, will offer them joy and pleasure…More details

From :39 (390 MAD)