Do you want to relax after a busy week? Or do you simply want to offer yourself a moment of relaxation and well-being, to regenerate your body and mind? But you don’t want to stress out with transports and traffic jams! Mor Thai Marrakech offers you the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional treatments of our SPA in the comfort of your home.
Whether you are in your house, villa, Riad, guesthouse or even at work, we move to your place.Our driver will drop off your Thai therapist with all the necessary equipments : massage table, towels, oils, music and fragrances, so that you get all the necessary comfort without leaving the well-being of your home. You only have to make sure you have a room with a moderate temperature,you will have the choice to put on your favorite music or to diffuse your usual essential oil, otherwise once the therapist arrives,she will take care of installing everything necessary to create a serene atmosphere to give you a real feeling of well-being, comfort and muscle relaxation.

For the reservation please call us on +212 524 207 055