Purity facial treatment


Are you looking for a hydrating and deep cleansing treatment for your face ?This purifying face care, combined with the quality of natural cosmetic products from Thailand and the expertise of traditional modeling practiced manually, eliminates effectively dead cells,energizes and hydrates the skin deeply.It all starts with the application of warm compresses to open the pores, then a deep cleansing with virgin coconut oil and rose water to revitalize the skin,followed by a regenerating scrubusing a Thai herbal hydrating mask,and to finish peacefully,a relaxing facial massage with a hydrating cream to bring you a soft, smooth and radiant skin and a perfectly relaxed mind.

From : 35€ (350MAD)

Anti-Aging Facial Treatment


Inspired from Thai beauty rituals, this soothing facial treatment will let yourself be invaded by the delicate fragrances from Thailand’s natural cosmetics.It begins with a gentle application of warm compresses on the face to open the pores, followed by a deep cleansing with virgin coconut oil and rose water for perfectly cleansed and hydrated skin, then a gentle exfoliation using a moisturizing and nourishing mask made from Thai cosmetic herbs.Finally an excellent anti-aging facial massage is practiced to target the facial muscles in depth to lift and firm the skin.
This complete ritual leaves the skin instantly smooth and prevent the appearance of wrinkles,giving you a younger-looking skin,glowing with hydration and vitality.

From : 40€ (400MAD)