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Welcome to Mor Thai, your traditional Thai spa in Marrakech...

Spa Marrakech

spa marrakech

Mor Thai Marrrakech is a Thai massage SPA, located in the heart of Marrakech in a quiet and discreet street, which overlooks Yacoub El Mansour avenue, near and in between the famous Majorelle garden, Yves Saint Laurent museum and the centre of Gueliz. We invite you to come and enjoy a pure moment of relaxation and well-being, in an oasis of peace, a true temple where a great sensation of calm and relaxation reigns.
Mor Thai Marrakech creates for its guests a great atmosphere of happiness and serenity, where colours, perfume, decoration, light and oils combine to immerse you in the heart of Thailand, while retaining an authentic Moroccan touch, with traditional Moroccan hammams, creating a sublime cultural atmosphere that combines harmoniously Eastern traditions with Western heritage.
Providing you with the utmost comfort, Mor Thai Marrakech has carefully chosen highly qualified and trained Thai therapists, to make you enjoy a unique sensation of well-being through a large variety of massages and treatments inspired by traditional ancestral rituals.
Mor Thai Marrakech is simply the perfect place to experience a real moment of escape and relaxation, to nourish your body and mind, restore your balance and regain your energy and vitality.

Your unrivaled sensory journey within Mor Thai Marrakech!

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We recommend you to arrive 10 to 20 minutes before your appointment to allow you to disconnect from the outside world, and immerse yourself smoothly in the Zen atmosphere of the Spa:

To facilitate your access to the SPA,we provide a private parking just in front of the building,reserved exclusively for our guests.

On your arrival, you will be welcomed by our hostess and therapist to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, with a welcome hot or cold drink depending on the season;also refreshing wet towels with the scent of green tea,Ylang Ylang or lavender.

Our hostess will guide you through choosing the best treatment depending on your desires and needs. She will ensure that you have no allergies to any products or oils used in your treatment.

Once you have chosen your treatment, your therapist will accompany you to our comfortable and private changing room. To ensure complete comfort and well-being we provide everything you need: Lockers,bathrobes ,disposable underwear and slippers.

In your treatment room, to make your massage even more pleasant, the temperature will be adjusted according to the season and your preference. During winter and for your comfort, we have heated mattresses on the massage table.

After your massage, you are welcomed to take a shower, you will be provided with everything you need-towels and a hair dryer. However we do recommend not taking a shower immediately after the massage to allow your body to continue enjoying the benefits of the organic oils used. Especially as certain essential oils can take more than an hour to be absorbed by your skin.

Finally, to prolong this feeling of well-being and relaxation, you will be invited to the relaxing area to enjoy a hot herbal tea in peace.

spa marrakech – Mor Thai

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Our Mission :

Our mission is to offer you the most beautiful relaxing experience upon your arrival, by offering you not just a massage,but a journey towards well-being and peace. We focus quality of treatments and products,respect for hygiene and tranquility something what our guests are looking for.

Our Values :

We are a team of Thai and Moroccan culture who share the same passion – to create through small details unique experiences of relaxation, passionate about well-being, we inspire and motivate our team to make our customers to come back whom we consider to be our guests.

Our Vision :

Become a benchmark spa in Morocco to offer relaxing and therapeutic treatments using ancestral techniques revisited by expert Thai therapists.